Kaboom Fireworks

I am managing and selling fireworks for Victoria Day & Canada Day in a truck trailer located in the Canadian Tire parking lot in Hanover.  I am selling big crates of fireworks for anyone who wants to do a large fireworks display, or smaller less expensive kits.  I am excited to be doing this.  It should be fun.  Hope to see you there!

Victoria Day Hours

May 16- 12pm-7pm

May 17-12pm-7pm

May 18-10am-8pm

May 19-9am-9pm

May 20-9am-9pm

May 21-9am-9pm

May 22-9am-9pm

Canada Day Hours

Jun. 24-10am-6pm

Jun. 25-11am-6pm

Jun. 26-10am-8pm

Jun. 27-10am-8pm

Jun. 28-10am-9pm

Jun. 29-9am-9pm

Jun. 30-9am-9pm

July 1-9am-10pm

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